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Terry Mark “TJ” Johnson
February 12, 1956January 1, 2010

TJ & Friends Foundation

7th Annual Memorial Bass Tournament

(TJ & Friends Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Organization)


March 10, 2018

Richard B. Russell

Registration/Weigh-In at:

Elbert Boat Ramp

                                                     Hwy 72 East of Elberton, GA 3o635

                                                 Safe Light – 3:00 P.M

                                                                         Payback 1 in 7 Boats

Entry Fee $110.00 per boat

Includes “Big Bass Pot”

All proceeds to benefit area cancer victims



Mail entry fee (Check):                                                                                          For more information contact:

                                                                                                              TJ & Friends Foundation Inc.                                                                                         Chris Threlkeld

P.O. Box 6161                                                                                                         706-816-0837         

Elberton, GA 30635                                                                                                   E-mail:





1.       Deadline for entry: At Blast Off Saturday, March 10, 2018 at Elbert Boat Ramp, Hwy. 72 East, Elberton, GA.

2.       Launch Sequence will be determined by when entry fee is received.

3.       All live wells will be checked prior to tournament.

4.       Scoring

a)       A limit of 5 bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted Bass) may be weighed in.  Any team bringing more than 5 fish to scales will lose biggest fish to get down to legal limit of 5.

b)       Minimum length will be 12 inches.  Length will be measured on a “Straight Board” mouth closed

c)       A short fish brought to the scales will result in a 1-pound penalty. Two short fish will result in disqualification

d)       Dead fish will be penalized .25 (1/4) lb.

e)       All culling must be done on the lake; no team may have more than 5 fish in live well at any time during the tournament, with the exception of dead fish.

f)        Late penalty is one pound (1 lb.) per minute up to 15minutes.  Disqualification after 15 minutes.

5.       All LIVE fish will be released.

6.       ONLY artificial Baits may be used.  No live or cut bait is permitted.  All bass must be caught alive in a Legal and sporting manner.  No Snagging, No Trolling, Each competitor may use only 1 rod at a time.  

7.       Anchor Rule:  A team boat sitting with trolling motor up and anchor out, all other team boats in this Tournament must stay 50 yards away.

8.       All teams and their boats are to remain in the water at all times during tournament hours except for Emergencies   

Or at the direction of the tournament director.

9.       In case of breakdown, one team member may bring fish to weigh-in in another team’s boat. 

10.    Alcoholic Beverages will not be allowed during tournament hours.

11.    Good Sportsmanship is expected from all teams.  Disorderly conduct will be reason for disqualification.

12.    All complaints or protests should be made to the director within 15 minutes after conclusion of weigh in.

13.    All decisions by the Tournament Officials will be final.

14.    All teams are to abide by STATE RULES and REGULATIONS. 

15.    Any team is subject to POLYGRAPH test!  Refusal or failure will result in automatic disqualification and forfeit of winnings.

2018 ENTRY FORM: TJ & Friends







Address:                                                                                                                  Email:









Address:                                                                                                                  Email:






Signatures below release all sponsors and officials from any and all responsibility and liability.

We also understand that any team placing will be subject to a polygraph exam.